Horween Shell Cordovan Double Stitch Watch Strap


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Horween is most famous for is their Shell Cordovan, which is famous among hides for its superior properties. Shell cordovan has a slightly glossy surface, is extremely tough, and will naturally patina over time.  Shell cordovan is densely packed with long fibers, which make it highly flexible, extremely durable, and does not stretch.  This allows for slim, exceptionally comfortable straps, that can readily withstand years of use.
Only the shells, which are two round sections by the horse's hindquarters, become cordovan, hence the name Shell Cordovan. The process starts off with ethically sourced horse hides (no horses are killed for their skins) and then the hides go through a proprietary six-month tanning process, which includes hot stuffing

These unlined straps are a made from a single flexible strip of shell cordovan with off-white double loop stitching to create the attaching loops.  This vintage minimal stitching design can adapt to casual or more formal depending on the watch.  On the underside you will find the logo stamped of the famous Chicago tannery.
We are offering these straps in black, natural tan-brown, dark green, cyan blue, and color Number 8, which is maroon.
Available for 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, and 22mm lugs.
18m-20mm lugs taper to 16/17mm buckle, 22mm tapers to 18/19mm buckle.

While we make every effort to accurately depict our products with photos of actual inventory, due to the nature of variances in hides, dyes, and displays, please note that straps may vary slightly.