Watch Lover’s Kit


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Watch Lover’s Kit

As a business run by watch lovers, a set for watch lovers came naturally to us as the perfect gift for the watch nerds in your life.  We assembled a set of high quality essentials for any horological enthusiast:

  • Bergeon 6767-F Spring Bar Tool
  • Chamois
  • Lambskin Watch Storage & Travel Pouch
  • Case Back Protective Divider with Watch Information Card
  • Miniature UV Light
  • Two Pairs (Four) Each of 18, 19, 20, 22 mm 1.78mm Thickness Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spring Bars
  • Vintage Parts Vial 
  • Strap Lover Disinfectant  - Safe for Use on Hides
  • Wood Case

This set could easily cost $130 if its contents were purchased elsewhere, but our unique and longstanding relationships allow us to offer it at over $40 less, representing a savings of over 30%.  Each of the components was thoughtfully selected to create a gift that will not only be treasured and appreciated, but used and enjoyed.