Hovigs Horween Beechwood


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Rugged good looks and as comfortable as a well-worn pair of jeans, this special edition batch of straps made from Cordovan leather are sure to be a favorite.  These unlined straps are made from limited runs of leather from the world renowned Horween tannery that is tumbled to soften the texture and dull the sheen of the top coat. Cordovan leather is both thin and durable which makes a strap that is comfortable, holds up, and looks great for a good while.  We love these straps on old chronographs, but they look great on just about anything. 

Each strap in this series is unique and no two will look exactly alike. 

  • 18mm taper to 16mm
  • 19mm taper to 16mm
  • 22mm taper to 18mm


While we make every effort to accurately depict our products with photos of actual inventory, due to the nature of variances in hides, dyes, and displays, please note that straps may vary slightly.