Grand Seiko AA1Y213J9 Bracelet


SKU: Seiko AA1Y213J9

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Grand Seiko A00A111J0
For Case References:
9S56-00B0, 9S66-00A0 9S66-00D0, E0, 9S66-00F0, 9S66-00H0

Models Include:
SBGM003, SBGM007, SBGM009, SBGM0011, SBGM0013, SBGM0021, SBGM0023, SBGM0031, SBGM0033,  SBGM00C, SBGM00G, SBGM00H, SBGM20G, SBGM221, SBGM235, SBGM239, SBGM241

Extremely Rare  - Sold Out Everywhere.

This beautifully made Grand Seiko bracelet is sold out for good reason.  The outstanding quality and finishing that one expects from Grand Seiko can clearly be seen here.  The sizing links have two screws to secure the bar, the hidden deployment operates flawlessly and smoothly.  Every gently curved link is beautifully finished, whether polished or brushed, the solid end links are milled.  This three link / oyster style bracelet is simply the best example of this style, and it should come as no surprise that Grand Seiko produced it.  

It is brand new, the protective stickers were left on for photographing, includes new original spring bars.